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Professional Tree & Turf Equipment appreciates your business.

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These services are always available to all our valued customers:

  • Annual Maintenance

  • Repairs and service
  • Complete product education and training

  • Freeze repair to damaged pumps
  • Maintenance and replacement of worn out equipment

  • Factory qualified repair work on all pumps with factory parts

  • Custom modification to all sprayers

  • Small engine maintenance

  • Parts maintenance and servicing

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Repairing welding failures

  • Repairing suction/liquid leaks

  • Repairing spray guns

  • Mail in repair option (Send in broken/damaged equipment to our shop, year round. We will rebuild and send back to you.)

Service Guaranteed

“We create relationships with our customers by taking the time to understand their individual needs. Our experience and expertise allows us to ask the right questions in order to provide the most cost-effective and efficient solution for any spray or fluid transfer scenario. We offer a Service Guarantee for all of the work we do here. Our customers will testify that we go above and beyond to guarantee the work that we do. We start with quality components that are designed to work as a system based on what needs to be accomplished. We have minimal issues with the components we choose and we address issues if and when they occur. Have questions regarding our products or services? Let us know.

Craig McLaughlin, CEO

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